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"Elizabeth is a very good teacher. I would give her five stars if she was a book! Elizabeth is very good at remembering her cello for my lessons. I can play better when she is playing with me. When we play together, it produces a very nice sound. I improved alot at cello when Elizabeth was my teacher." -Uma, age 10

"Thank you for teaching me cello this year. I like your sticker system and the toys are awesome! I also like the fun exercises you give me like 'fire drill', 'look mom, no hands', sticky spider', 'stir the soup', 'guacamole taco', 'and chicken wings'."-Jacob, age 7


"Even though Jacob was a rookie and only has Ms. Elizabeth as his cello teacher for less than a year, he's been loving to come to each lesson.  He describes her as fun and kind.  We see her as very creative and dedicated.  She is especially good with young kids and has her unique way to get them to love music.  We are fond of our son's progress as a result of Ms. Elizabeth's teachings." -Priscilla, Jacob's mom


"My son Simon began playing the cello with Elizabeth as his first instrument.  He went from making a few noisy sounds to playing a number of songs quite beautifully.  It is amazing to see how Simon developed a true appreciation and love for the cello under Elizabeth's kind and dedicated instruction.  He easily says she is the best teacher he has ever had, and I agree." -Angela, Simon's mom


"Here are a few words that make you an amazing teacher. You make every lesson really fun and you make the lesson fly by. You are always encouraging me like when I was learning vibrato also and you are always pleased for what I achieve. You teach in a really exciting way. You make sure I am prepared for recitals and exams."

-Ruth, age 12


"Elizabeth has an amazing gift for teaching children and has allowed our daughter to blossom as a learner. Since learning with Elizabeth her enthusiasm for playing has grown as has the amazing sound that she now produces on the cello. We love the notes and pointers she writes down each week to help with practice, and as non musical parents they are fun, useful and make sense. However the real testament to her teaching is the way our daughter comes out of each lesson laughing and smiling. I always ask 'how was your lesson?' and the reply is always an enthusiastic "Great!" accompanied by a huge smile." -Louise, Ruth's mom

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